The Broken Ocean Awaits

You live on the world of Varius, a super-continent surrounded by uncounted leagues of ocean. To the East, the ocean is endless. To the West, there are countless islands – many uncharted to the people of the Varius continent. There are 8 major cultures on Varius currently experiencing a golden age of cooperation and cohabitation. For the first time in recorded history, all 8 cultures can freely travel and live in any of the lands on Varius.

You are employed on the Dauntless - a marvelous seafaring vessel with the goal of discovering new lands in the Broken Ocean and extending the branch of peace to new peoples. Specifically, you and a small group of adventurers are hired on as the "Land Crew" – an elite group of sailors that will act as explorers and diplomats for the new lands, while the rest of the crew deals with the more mundane aspects of long sailing trips. 

Your captain, Captain "Salty" Joe Cutlass, has also informed a select few crew members – those on the need-to-know – of another mission. One of the Dauntless's biggest benefactors has given the Captain a map detailing the location of several legendary items and places – The Holy Grail, The Fountain of Youth, The Gauntlet of Power, and many more. Due to the sensitive nature of these items, and the uncertainty with exactly where they are (the map is difficult to decipher), it's being kept as a secret objective for the Dauntless

Will you tame the seas or get sent back to land in tears? Good luck, sailor.

Broken Ocean